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MAIA is redefining the word "school" in rural Guatemala. The organizational model of Colegio Impacto de MAIA obtains the best international educational practices, methodologies, structures and resources from high impact organizations and then contextualizes them. Our teaching model is influenced by educational organizations in the United States that are making significant changes with traditionally underserved populations. These teachings are contextualized and strengthened with the cultural identity of the Young Pioneers, allowing them to develop 21st century skills. Educators and mentors represent MAIA's unique focus, our strategy to break the norm, they come from the same communities as students.

Women, Indigenous peoples, Youth
Education, Youth, Family
Sololá (Sololá )

Organizational contacts & locations

Vilma Saloj
Director of the Impact School of MAIA
Andrea Coché
General Director
Lidia Oxí
Director of Special Projects
Beverly Tecun
Director of Operations
Km. 137, Caserío Xolbé, 
Cantón El Tablón

Mission, vision & values


Our mission is to empower women through innovation and opportunity, through a unique integrated empowerment model of educational quality, socio-emotional and family support, promotes the talent of adolescent women so that they are a generation of leaders who impact their family, their community, the country and the world.


Our vision is a generation of women leaders for a society with equity.

We value quality education, empowerment, leadership, and gender equity and opportunities.

Products, services, and programs


We sell t-shirts.


We have a group of women studying at the university who can choose to work in an organization. We provide the service of facilitating this work placement.


The holistic approach of Colegio Impacto de MAIA supports its students through a mentoring program focused on social-emotional well-being and access to essential information for the personal development of each student. The mentoring program supports Young Pioneers in navigating life's challenges, developing their voices and active participation in society. There is a constant family commitment, where families stay connected to the education of the student to ensure that the young pioneer does not have to choose between a prosperous future or her family; she can have both. MAIA's mentoring program keeps families informed, inspired, and working toward a new vision of the future.

Our program offers three times more hours of academic study than the average public school in Guatemala, this is to guarantee a high quality of studies. Our curriculum strives to meet international standards. In one year the young pioneers achieve growth in math on our MAP assessment.

Organizational detail

Number of employees: 
Private donations, Fundraising
Primary issue(s) / need(s) addressed

We started in 2010 under the premise of supporting the most vulnerable population in the Guatemalan highlands, indigenous women. Before 2010, the founders of MAIA (formerly known as Estrella de Mar) founded an NGO that provided microcredits to women. When asking women if they could change something they had done in their life they always said "continue my education".

As Guatemala is the country with the worst inequality gap in the hemisphere, we decided to focus on education for women. "Half of Guatemalan women marry at age 20 and 44 percent become mothers at the same age. But girls who have seven or more years of education end up postponing marriage for four years and having two fewer children." (

Data demonstrates a vast array of positive outcomes associated with girls' education. All areas of development, from addressing climate change to global economic prosperity, dramatically improve when girls participate fully in society from that premise.

Impact, adaptations & objectives

Impact to date

At MAIA, we prioritize depth, which is why we have decided to work with a limited number of young people and their families. We are committed to supporting them in a comprehensive way in the long term to overcome challenges and for them to achieve their objectives, from the first day as Young Pioneers until they reach their maximum potential.

To date we have:

  • 14 Young Pioneers currently enrolled in public high schools and participating in our tutoring program. The last participant will graduate from high school in 2020.
  • 188 girls are currently enrolled in the Impacto School of MAIA with grades 1, 3 basic and 4 diversified.
  • In November 2022 we will celebrate our first graduating class.
  • 230 women graduated from our mentoring program MAIA has served 240 young people and their families since 2008
  • Through the international MAP assessment, growth in academic levels of 2.8 years in one year was measured in the Young Pioneers.
  • 40 organizations and associates have received trainings organized by MAIA and given by local and international partners.
  • Our team is 88% female, 76% indigenous, and 24% of our team are graduates of the program.
  • Each Young Pioneer in the Impact School of MAIA receives 1.5 hours of mentoring per week
Impact measuring

We use various platforms to collect information: EDU, Ona.oi, Pairin.

Organizational adaptations: 
Size and/or structure, Location
Organizational adaptation details

Size and/or structure

We have had more work therefore the team has grown exponentially.


We started with mentoring classes in different parts of the lake, now we are a school located in a single location.

Short term objectives


Growth of assessment tests to youth to measure their learning from 2020 to 2021.


Long-term learning of each student

Long term objectives


Having impacted more young people in Xolbé


That MAIA graduates get a good job and education


Breaking cycles of poverty