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"If you want to go fast, go alone.
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Our impact

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"Without El Directory Guatemala we surely would not have had these conversations and connections."

~ Association for Integral Development Filantropis, NGO

Collaboration Spotlight!

After meeting at the El Directorio Guatemala Networking Event in April 2022, Casa Pa'nibal and Tejiendo Futuros worked together to bring the psychologist from Tejiendo Futuros 'Familias Fortalecidas' program to Casa Pa'nibal to provide counseling on psychological care for victims of violence, in order to support the women and children victims of violence living at Casa Pa'nibal. 

Tejiendo Futuros also reconnected with Amigos de Santa Cruz after the event, and the psychologist from their integral health program provided the workshop 'Emotional Intelligence in the Work Environment' to their team.

This is just one success story showing the potential when we encourage active participation and networking in our community!