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Check out this information session to learn more about El Directorio Guatemala and how your organization can join to take advantage of networking spaces with other NGOs, and learning opportunities for your own organization's development.


1:58 Overview of session content

2:24 The challenge and goals of EDG, how it started

7:13 Our solution, how we support organizations to connect

11:59 Activities and opportunities to come in 2024

14:50 How to create your organizational profile and your free account

20:59 Membership options

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Our team

Katie Brickwood
Katie Brickwood
Co-founder and Director

Katie co-founded El Directorio Guatemala project in 2020 after her involvement in a 2019 research report into inter-organizational collaboration. Originally from Australia, Katie has worked in community consulting and social innovation in Guatemala since 2018 and has extensive experience working with communities and in government and non-government organizations for over 10 years in an international context. Katie lives in Antigua.

Deborah De La Cruz
Deborah De La Cruz
Project Manager

Deborah joined the project in March 2021 and provides crucial support with organizational outreach, social media, research, and report writing. Debbie completed her studies in Fundraising in Spain and has 5 years experience working with Foundations and NGOs in Guatemala. Debbie lives just outside of Guatemala City and has a deep local knowledge and understanding of the NGO sector in Guatemala.

Estrella Battz
Estrella Battz
Project officer

Estrella joined the team in December 2023, with a focus on the management of the monthly 'Community Conversations' webinars and organizational impact measurement. She has 5 years of experience working in non-profit organizations and private educational institutions. She finished her studies in Educational Administration at USAC and is in her last year of Business Administration at UMG. She is originally from San Pedro La Laguna and currently resides there.

Samuel Gutierrez
Samuel Gutierrez
Project Assistant

Samuel joined the El Directorio Guatemala team in December 2022 and ensures that member profiles are up to date, tracks data, and supports queries about the platform. He is a third year Applied Mathematics student at Universidad del Valle de Guatemala. Sam grew up volunteering and visiting many of the members of El Directorio Guatemala and enjoys meeting people who do great work and helping to connect them with our resources.

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