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Tejiendo Futuros is works integrally with the family to develop human beings holistically focusing on the Human Rights for the Child. Starting with the children through a holistic education program that focuses on physical and mental health, while also providing emotional support to the mothers, fathers and siblings of the students through the Strengthened Families program. In addition a third program, provides healthy nutrition and ecological practices through agroecology.

Women, Men, Girls, Boys, Youth
Education, Youth, Children at risk, Family, Human Rights, Health, Entrepreneurship/Business, Environment, Water and sanitation, Agriculture, Civil participitation and policy
Sololá (Panajachel)

Organizational contacts & locations

Ingrid Villaseñor
Executive Director
Victoria Ralón
Educational Director
Andrea Cross
Program Director 'Familias Fortalecidas'
Calle a Santa Catarina, 

Mission, vision & values


Develop the capacities of the Tejiendo Futuros community, so that they can exercise their rights through holistic education, psychosocial support, connection with nature and their environment.


To prosper as an empowered community that is sustainable and resilient with gender equity.

We value empathy, solidarity, active participation, commitment, tolerance, care of the Earth.

Products, services, and programs


Providing education with physical health, including doctor's visits and medicine, as well as therapy for learning disabilities. Additionally available is psychological therapy for the students and their parents as needed.


We offer 3 main programs:

"El Arbol de la Niñez" is a comprehensive learning process where facilitators, boys and girls are interconnected to develop awareness of the community of, where support is given to the development of their potentials, gifts and talents; We aim at a human being subject to law, a protagonist of his own learning, aware of himself, his environment and his obligations that contribute to the development of a culture of peace. Holistic education in a humanistic pedagogy centered on the student and interested above all in his formation and development as a person, in his relationship with himself and also, how to be in society, in his relationship with others and with the planet.

"Kaulew" is the second program and focuses on sustainable development through the an agroecological system and a small family production that develops community solidarity, inclusion, resiliency, with production of healthy food and responsable consumerism. Giving the importance of the preservation and conservation of natural resources, promoting practices of the local culture and fighting for our right to food sovereignty.

"Familias Fortalecidas" is a program that was born due to the identification of specific cases of inter-family violence and gender inequality with the families beneficiaries of the organization. This program works directly with the mothers and fathers of the students we work with, to provide depth to the integral work of El Árbol de la Niñez focusing in the construction of new social paradigms, through a variety of activities that generate changes in thinking and behavior that benefit the families in their growth personally, as a family and a community.

Organizational detail

Number of employees: 
Primary issue(s) / need(s) addressed

As an integrally focused organization we focus on several needs simultaneously but with the basis being the Rights of the Child. We start with quality education, the need for children to be understood, have education, and a safe environment free of violence inside and out of their home. That is why the educational program was created and why everything else we focus on such as a healthy home and nutrition, gender equality, physical and mental health for the students and their parents, is centered around ensuring the children will have the best environment possible.

We saw these needs after being part of the community and working directly with the students. Starting with a deep understanding that the traditional education system is not enough for a full development and understanding, and is based off foreign cultures that do not relate to the local identity, the need for an alternative was born.

Impact, adaptations & objectives

Impact to date

Basing our impact on our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we focus on the following:

  • Zero Hunger and Responsable Production and Consumerism: Since July 2020 we have harvested over 220 lbs of ecologically and locally produced greens and vegetables that have been given to the children in their meals at school or directly to our families associates. As well as 4 families with their own garden production in their home.
  • Quality Education, Good Health and Well-Being, Reduced Inequalities: There are currently 78 boys and girls from preschool through primary school that are receiving a quality education based on a Culture of Peace and holistically focusing on building motor skills, cognitive abilities, communication, creativity and critical thinking skills. As well as providing therapies for learning disabilities and for language, and psychological development.
  • Gender Equality: Since only January 2021 the program working with the mothers of the children have had success in self-esteem, self-care, identity and roles, with a majority attendance rate of the 56 associate families we have in Tejiendo Futuros. As well as the first session of New Masculinities program which the fathers participated.
  • Decent Work and Strong Institutions: 22 of the 27 current employees of Tejiendo Futuros are from the local municipality of Panajachel. The better part of these last 3 years have been fortifying the staff in critical areas such as the holistic pedagogies our curriculum is based off of, Educacion Popular, and a personal development course to strengthen the staff to be able to provide the best to our associate families.
Impact measuring

We measure out impact through socioeconomic studies of the families, and qualitative and quantitative measurements of the methods and activities we provide.

Organizational adaptations: 
Size and/or structure, Key offerings, Location, Mission, vision and/or values
Organizational adaptation details

Size and/or structure

In 2020 we changed the structure of the organization to adapt to the newly added program, Familias Fortalecidas.

Key offerings

We have adapted to the needs of the community we work with and also with lessons we have learned along the way.


We had to move the educational program to a new location due to the fact there wasn't enough space where we currently were located. Kaulew previously had a large plot of land in San Andres Semetabaj, but logistics became difficult during COVID and we decided to have a more central location and smaller as well for investigating purposes.

Mission, vision and/or values

The mission and vision changed during our restructuring to better integrate the 3 programs and build a true structure for the whole organization.

Short term objectives


Growth of the organization in the next year will stabilize but will be looking to plan for a larger land to be able to build the school.


Continue providing quality activities for our associates and practicing the capacity building which we have received so it reflects in the quality of our services.


Build self esteem with the women, team cohesion, and proof of quality education classes.

Long term objectives


Educational program for up to Diversificado and the school constructed. Large production of nutrients for the school lunches. Building a school model that can be replicated.


Providing quality education, nutrition, and a supportive community working together.


The associates families will have or fighting for their rights.