Accion Humana ONG

Non profit organization
(+502) 5478-5998

Acción Humana NGO was born from the commitment of a group of young entrepreneurs who believe that human beings, through their will, can be responsible and participate in achieving their own goals and objectives, but that in most cases they do not have the economic tools or the opportunities to access educational programs that facilitate the processes of starting ideas, developing skills, acquiring knowledge and much less creating the necessary networking to make their own dreams come true.

The group of young entrepreneurs, seeing the natural and human potential that Guatemala has in each region of the country, decided to form a Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization that develops programs, projects and plans that serve to transform the lives of people living at risk. violence and socially disadvantaged factors, promoting human development activities that serve as a means of assistance for self-sustaining projects within local communities.

LGBQIT+, Women, Men, Girls, Boys, Indigenous peoples, Youth
Education, Youth, Human Rights, Health, Immigration, Art and culture
Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, Chimaltenango, Escuintla

Organizational contacts & locations

Mario Gonzalez
(+502) 4225-3577
Julia de Betancourth
(+502) 5478-5998
Ramiro Diaz
(+502) 4444-0244
5av. 4-95 zona 1, 
Oficina 202 Segundo Nivel, Plaza Quinta Real

Mission, vision & values


To implement programs that create, develop and increase abilities, skills and tools in the beneficiaries that allow them to improve their psychological, social and economic status; thus reducing social risk factors and economic gaps.


To be a non-profit organization that reduces the social risks and economic gaps of the population in risk factors in Guatemala through education, health and economic development programs with a unique model and vision in Latin America.

We value integrity, access to education, access to health, commitment, and respect.

Products, services, and programs


Food relief bags.


We offer:

  • Microsoft Certified Computing Course
  • Medical visits
  • Clinical laboratory
  • Optics

Our programs are:

  • English Academy
  • Mature Education
  • Regular Education (Primary, Basic and Diversified)

Organizational detail

Number of employees: 
Private donations, Corporate donations, Sale of products and/or services, Rates and fees of the participants
Primary issue(s) / need(s) addressed

Lack of employment and opportunities to change their ways of life.

Impact, adaptations & objectives

Impact to date
  • School: 490 approx. each year.
  • English: 1784 people.
  • Environment: 352,000 students.
Impact measuring

UNESCO Millennium Social Indicators and Amartya Sen Indicators.

Our indicators are focused on creating capacities in the beneficiaries that allows them to achieve their own objectives, which affirms that our performance is measured in the number of beneficiaries who acquire and develop skills, abilities, and that with them they obtain results, if our beneficiaries do not obtain results that allow them to modify their current state of life we ​​will have worked in vain.

Organizational adaptations: 
key offers, Location, Funding model, How you collaborate or work with others
Organizational adaptation details

Key offers

Improve products and services.


We moved location.

Financing model

By memberships.

How you collaborate or work with others

Exchange of products and services.

Short term objectives

Increase by 20% in the number of people served per year

Long term objectives

That 80% of the beneficiaries obtain employment.