Asociación de Mujeres Ixpiyakok ADEMI

Non profit organization
(+502) 7840-4052

We are a civil organization of indigenous women of the Mayan culture, we support and work in solidarity with rural development, promoting the empowerment and autonomy of women in the various areas of their daily lives.

Women, Girls, Boys, Indigenous peoples, Youth
Education, Youth, Children at risk, Family, Human Rights, Health, Entrepreneurship/Business, Environment, Water and sanitation, Agriculture, Leadership/Capacitation, Civil participitation and policy
Chimaltenango, Quiché, Sololá

Organizational contacts & locations

Magdalena Chonal
Legal representative
(+502) 7840-4052
Berta Cúmez
1era. avenida 3-27, 
Zona 3

Mission, vision & values


ADEMI has installed capacities, generated experiential changes and fostered development opportunities for Mayan women, from the locality to the national level, in the defense of their rights and power relations.


"Mayan Women Weavers of Wisdom, Sowers of Development"

We work in solidarity, mutual aid, common good, tolerance, transparency, humility, simplicity, identity of the Mayan culture.

Products, services, and programs


Our products are native and creole seeds, basic grains, vegetables, legumes, fruit trees and forestry.


We offer the following services in health, education, agroecology, and local economic development.


We offer the following programs:

  • Health: nutrition and its monitoring, adolescent sexuality and reproduction, ancestral medicines, maternal and child health.
  • Education: political and civic participation adolescents and indigenous women.
  • Agroecology: agriculture, native and creole seeds, integral plots, family and collective gardens, modules of backyard animals and sustainable traditional agriculture.
  • Local Economic Development: fair trade, rural economic alternatives and productivity and development.

Organizational detail

Number of employees: 
Participant Fees and Fees, Private grants
Primary issue(s) / need(s) addressed

We focus on malnutrition, lack of political participation and education, lack of economic opportunities; Comprehensive development of Mayan women is carried out.

Impact, adaptations & objectives

Impact to date

To date we have impacted:

  • 375 girls and boys under five years of age and pregnant and lactating women reduced acute and chronic malnutrition.
  • 625 women local economic development through small businesses.
  • 16 women participate in decision-making spaces in the governmental political system.
  • 475 adolescent girls do advocacy in their communities.
Impact measuring

We use a baseline and closing line data, a monitoring and evaluation system, a digitized database, a weight and height system, nutritional diagnoses, among others, to measure our impact.

Organizational adaptations: 
Size and/or structure, Key offerings, Target population
Organizational adaptation details

Size and/or structure

Today there are 125 community promoters who facilitate institutional work.

Key offerings

There are four programs for health, education, agroecology and local economic development.

Target population

We have 1,725 ​​active partners and beneficiaries.

Short term objectives


Strengthening the capacities of partners and key personnel of the institution.


Constant and direct care in rural communities.


Awareness and participation spaces for women's human rights.

Long term objectives


Institutional growth.


Provide services with quality and warmth and community cultural relevance.


Achieve the empowerment and autonomy of Mayan women at all levels and aspects of daily life.