Lan Vwa, Inc

Non profit organization
(+1) 724 683-8638

Lan Vwa began when our founder went to Haiti to help deliver aid after an earthquake and became involved in educational efforts. Our name translates to “the voice” in Haitian Creole, reflecting our efforts to return what poverty has stolen from citizens of developing areas - their voice. As Lan Vwa grew, successful programs have been implemented in Haiti and Guatemala. By connecting communities to educational access and tools, we hope to continue empowering our students to fulfill their dreams and potential.

Girls, Boys
Education, Children at risk, Family, Technical vocations, Health, Sports, Entrepreneurship/Business, Art and culture, Development/Community infrastructure, Leadership/Capacitation
Zacapa ( La Unión, Zacapa), Guatemala (Villa Canales)

Organizational contacts & locations

Karina Leiva
Executive Director
(+502) 3018-0086
Residenciales Las Hojarascas Lote E 16, 
Zona 1 de Mixco

Mission, vision & values


Our mission is to connect people in areas of need with the proper tools required to improve the quality of education, to prepare students for higher education, to offer continual learning support for educators, to supply access to valuable learning resources directly to each student, to create a sustainable resource that will continue to grow indigenously as part of each individual community, and to help equip people with the necessary tools to achieve their full potential in life while giving back to their community.


Our vision is to empower communities through education.

We value cooperation, integrity, transparency, and respect.

Products, services, and programs


We hope to sell products in the future. 


We offer educational services for children aged 13-18 years old. 


We offer workshops where we help students learn how to use the resources they have around them, we also offer them a typing class, tutoring for children the 5th and 6th grade and we help our students with their medical and dental clinics. We also held a Clean Water program.

Organizational detail

Number of employees: 
Private donations, Private grants, Fundraising
Primary issue(s) / need(s) addressed

Our primary need addressed is education.

Impact, adaptations & objectives

Impact to date

We have provided education to 115 children since 2012, we have also held clean water projects, a clinic project, a recycling project and nutrition projects.

Impact measuring

We managed our data in excel spreadsheets and with pictures. 

Organizational adaptations: 
Key offerings
Organizational adaptation details

Key offerings

We have added projects to our Education program

Short term objectives


We plan to build a school building to our project in Zacapa.


With this new building we will be able to help more children.


We plan to add more teachers for the children to have a better education. We will continue to empower the kids of Zacapa and Chichimecas.

Long term objectives


We will serve more than 40 children in each project.


We will provide jobs for teachers in the areas so our students can have a high quality education.


We will impact more children in both areas in which are currently working.