Education for the Children Foundation

Registered charity
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Since 2003, Education For The Children has worked with the young people and families from Jocotenango, Guatemala to access free quality education, nutritious food, health and social services. We empower them with skills to be successful and inspire future generations.

Women, Men, Girls, Boys
Education, Youth, Children at risk, Health, Development/Community infrastructure
Sacatepéquez (Jocotenango), Chimaltenango

Organizational contacts & locations

Sara Miller
Project Director
Kellen Buckely
Visitor and Volunteer Coordinator
Jennifer McCallum
Assistant to the Project Director
1 Avenida 0-25 A, Zona 3, 
Los Angeles

Mission, vision & values


Driven by a commitment to equal opportunities, the Education for the Children Foundation has worked with young people and families from the Jocotenango area since 2003 to access quality education, nutritious food, healthcare and social support. Through a highly individualised holistic approach we strive to empower young people with the skills and confidence to be successful in their chosen careers.


That young people from all backgrounds have the ability to access quality education and opportunities for rewarding employment.

We value resiliency, collaboration, and individualized services.

Products, services, and programs


We sell a small amount of merchandise to visitors and volunteers.


Social services, healthy snack and lunch provided.


School for K-9th, scholarship program for high school and college.

Organizational detail

Number of employees: 
Private donations
Primary issue(s) / need(s) addressed

We address the need for quality education and access to higher education for students coming from backgrounds of poverty. 

Impact, adaptations & objectives

Impact to date

EFTC was founded in 2003 in order to provide scholarships to students who could not access education in the community of Jocotenago. Now EFTC runs the School of Hope in Jocotenango with 475 students from K to 9th grade. We currently have 213 students on a full scholarship to High School and University. 

Impact measuring

We measure our impact by looking at graduation and employment rates, internal education diagnostics, vocational exam rates, USAC entrance exam pass rate, MAP testing (2020), and conducting surveys of different groups such as parents, staff, and students. 

Organizational adaptations: 
Size and/or structure, Key offerings, Funding model
Organizational adaptation details

Size and/or structure / Key offerings

We have grown from 80 students to around 700, we have moved buildings several times but now own our building and have been located there for the last 10 years. We've added support services, programs, and staff positions along the way. We started as just a UK and Guatemala registered organization, and then several years later registered in the USA too. 

Short term objectives


Start an entrepreneurship program


Improve math and literacy rates in the school


Secure more employment opportunities for graduates and current university students.

Long term objectives


Add on a preschool program (2 additional pre-primary grade levels)


Improve the curriculum and quality of education throughout the school


Secure more employment opportunities for graduates and current university students as well as provide start up grants to some of those students pursuing an entrepreneurial path