Non profit organization
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WIND is a Christian, non-profit organization which was established in 2007 to look beyond the confines of typical solutions and address issues associated with poverty in the Highlands of Guatemala.

Women, Men, Girls, Boys, Indigenous peoples
Education, Children at risk, Family, Leadership/Capacitation
Quiché (San Juan Cotzal)

Organizational contacts & locations

Rich Rice
Executive Director
(+1) 425 495-7687

Mission, vision & values


We have a basic philosophy when it comes to responding to the needs of those in poverty. When needs are placed before us, our first response is to connect the need with people/organizations which are equipped to respond well. Then we quietly get out of the way. If we discover a gap between the need before us and a ready solution, we will not hesitate to stand in the gap through creation of programming.

We set a high priority on partnerships. Resources are limited and using them wisely is required. Therefore we look for partnerships which allow God’s resources to stretch further through the elimination of duplication; seeking efficiencies in the use of limited resources.


Education is the most sustainable solution in helping people out of poverty. We acknowledge that it is important to respond to urgent needs immediately. Food, shelter and medicine often can not wait until tomorrow. But education can make a permanent positive change to the next generation.  Therefore we desire to remain focused on education of children and adults.

As common people, we look to God to do uncommon things through us. We seek to bring integrity, accountability and transparency to all our interactions. We share the love of Christ and strive to model His teaching.

Products, services, and programs


We offer education support and food distribution.


We provide child sponsorship programs, food programs, scholarships and training sessions

Organizational detail

Number of employees: 
Private donations
Primary issue(s) / need(s) addressed

Our focus is on providing education from grades K to 9. We have a heavy emphasis on keeping girls in school. We also provide training for pastors as well as dental care and other benefits to our students.

Impact, adaptations & objectives

Impact to date

We support the vision of indigenous lead organizations in a single community. In the primary school we work with, when we started they only had 28 students (grades 1-6). Today, pre COVID, they had 362 students in grades K-9.

Impact measuring

We utilize publicized data collection. Our missionaries in the community provide antidotal reports which we use to report impact.

Organizational adaptations: 
Key offerings, Target issue, Funding model, Way in which you collaborate or work with others
Organizational adaptation details

Target issue

We have become more focused on education with emphasis on girls (but not exclusive).

Funding model

Sponsorship program has grown along with our funding and donor engagement

Short term objectives


We aim to continue to maintain learning processes despite the Covid shutdown.


We are working on getting the kids safely back into the classroom as well as providing the necessary tools for the teachers to thrive in a remote teaching environment.

Long term objectives


Our goal is to help to finance the building of a school campus through a capital campaign.


We plan to improve the school infrastructure and the skills of teachers.


This will be keeping children in school, thus impacting the next generation.