Asociación Centro Evangelistico del Niño

Non profit organization
(+502) 7767-2453

We are dedicated to promoting sustainable development through initiatives to strengthen civil society, cross-sectoral dialogue, political advocacy, training, solidarity promotion, volunteering and for providing information on useful resources for the programmes that we have.

Women, Girls, Boys, Indigenous peoples, Elderly, Animals
Education, Children at risk, Family, Inclusion/Special needs, Human Rights, Justice, Health, Entrepreneurship/Business, Environment, Water and sanitation, Development/Community infrastructure, Agriculture, Leadership/Capacitation, Volunteer/Sustainable travel
Quetzaltenango (Huitan, Cajola)

Organizational contacts & locations

Ing, Heber Miguel Pac V.
Industrial Engineer
(+502) 5819-1818
Pc. Otoniel Maldonado
Ceritified Public Accountant
(+502) 4702-8841
Julio Cesar Mendoza
Social Worker
(+502) 5115-7734
Avenida las Américas 9a calle 0-45 Zona 10, 

Mission, vision & values


Our fundamental mission is the development of children and their families. We are convinced that it is only through education that we can promote the development of people. We guarantee access to education and social programs, as well as focusing our projects on other necessary areas, such as the construction and maintenance of social infrastructure, health and food security.


We want to be an organization recognized for the impact of our actions on the well-being and development of the communities that we work with, as well as for our integrity and professionalism in the way that we act.

We value solidarity, commitment, excellence, participation, transparency, and unity.

Products, services, and programs


We offer medical services that improve the medical, health and hygiene conditions of our communities and also provides them with access to free medications.

We improve education services to families without access to the resources of the community, by the process of regularizing their situation and through providing opportunities for them to find work and be in school environments.

The project supports people who are unemployed and/or at risk of social exclusion, in the most socially disadvantaged areas of the communities. In this way, the aim of the project is to achieve the full social and labour insertion of the participants, covering their most basic needs, as far as food, education, medicine and by providing access to education and trainings.


We offer a Basic Food Security programme. This project allowed that a basket of basic foods and, at times, clothes and educational materials was given to 275 families without resources.

We run an Educational Quality program, where we are supported by interns from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala. These students succesfully support us in our educational methodologies for children and adolescents with limited resources.

We also offer an Access to Medicine program, with the support of medical practitioners from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala, and EPS interns. With the support of doctors and dentists we carry out medical sessions, so that we can guarantee access to medicine for children and young people, as well as their families.

Organizational detail

Number of employees: 
Private donations, Fundraising
Primary issue(s) / need(s) addressed

The fundamental problems are malnutrition, poverty, and extreme poverty that led us to work with 45% of the population that are children. The community where the association is located is a rural area, mostly indigenous people who speak Spanish. Our goal is to be able to create actions so that low-income children have an entrepreneurship system and thus be able to counteract malnutrition.

Impact, adaptations & objectives

Impact to date

We have reached more than 3,500 people, including children with limited resources.

Impact measuring

We collect data based on statistics and records.

Organizational adaptations: 
Target population, Mission, vision and/or values, How you collaborate or work with others
Short term objectives

We are working to be able to reactivate the organization.