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Registered association
(+502) 2383-9000 ext 1504

We are a non-profit organization who believes that food banks offer a comprehensive and viable solution to empower the world to reduce food loss and waste.

Women, Men, Girls, Boys, Indigenous peoples, Elderly, Disabled, Animals, Entrepreneurs, Youth
Children at risk, Family, Volunteer/Sustainable travel, Emergency relief

Organizational contacts & locations

Juan Pablo Ruano
Project Manager
Edgar Juarez
Chief Administrator and Accountant
Dilenia García Varela
Head of Social Management
Carol Mérida
Head of donations and projects
26 Avenida 6-15 Colonia El Naranjo Bodega 10 y 11 Ofibodegas Ktorce, 
Ciudad de Guatemala, 
Zona 4

Mission, vision & values


Contribute to the reduction of food losses and waste through the recovery, transfer, classification and distribution of food and basic necessities to social and community organizations that serve the population at social risk, and through education programs focused on the improvement of the nutritional and food handling practices of Guatemalans.


To be the self-sustainable entity that as a food bank focuses on the rescue of products and reduction of losses and food waste that contributes to nutrition and promotes a culture without waste in Guatemala.

We value integrity, solidarity, transparency, service vocation, and socio-environmental awareness.

Products, services, and programs


We offer basic food stuffs.


We offer food bank and volunteer services.


We offer the following programs:

  1. Agricultural rescue program
  2. Food route
  3. Food Kits
  4. Volunteer program
  5. Educational program
  6. School breakfast program
  7. Loyalty program

Organizational detail

Number of employees: 
Corporate donations, Participant Fees and Fees, Self-sustaining program
Primary issue(s) / need(s) addressed

Our focus is food insecurity and food loss and waste. We refer to the Policy ATLAS for food loss and waste and malnutrition indicators in Guatemala.

Impact, adaptations & objectives

Impact to date

The impact has been to provide food security through the different programs of the Food Bank.

In 2018 we achieved 290,572 pounds of food received, 7,800 hours of volunteering, 54,650 meals distributed during the year.

In 2019 we achieved 589,974 pounds of food received, 23,206 hours of volunteering, 172,824 meals distributed during the year.

By October 2020 we achieved 301,692 pounds of food received, 2,782 hours of volunteering, 332,106 meals distributed during the year.

Impact measuring

We measure our impact through the logical framework where strategies, activities, indicators and verification tools are established for each one.

Organizational adaptations: 
Size and/or structure, Key offerings, Target population, Mission, vision and/or values, How you collaborate or work with others
Organizational adaptation details

Size and/or structure / Key offerings

The increased demand on the part of the final beneficiary led to a readjustment to the focus of the search for donations, and new projects to facilitate the distribution of the rescued food.

Short term objectives


Increase in partner organizations and donors.


Improve internal operational processes.


Increase the beneficiary population.

Long term objectives


Create a national network of food banks.


Systematize management processes.


Increase the benefited population in the country.