El Directorio Guatemala - Phase 1

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Thank you for your interest in joining El Directorio Guatemala!

If your organization is focused on social impact and support Guatemalan communities; whether an NGO, non-profit association, community group, or social business, we invite you to join our community!

By creating a free profile with us you are adding to the development of a highly useful and robust tool connecting organizations and individuals working in community development and social justice initiatives in Guatemala. In addition, it will connect you to our network, opening access to our platform and participation in events, trainings, and other activities aimed at the social sector in Guatemala. In developing El Directorio Guatemala, we want to make sure that we are collecting the most important and relevant information to share across the community in order to facilitate connections and collaborations that will have a real impact on those populations in need. In Phase 1 of the data collection we will begin collecting details on the following categories: Contact information (public) / Mission, vision and values / Target areas and populations / Service, programs and products. Please take the time to fill in all information as accurately and completely as possible, checking your spelling and grammar, as this information will make up your live organizational profile!