Sigo Vivo

Registered evangelical church
(+502) 5959-1552

We are a church that works with people who live or are at risk of living on the street, and people who have a history of living on the street.

Women, Men, Youth
Education, Youth, Children at risk, Family, Inclusion/Special needs, Human Rights, Justice, Health, Immigration, Entrepreneurship/Business, Leadership/Capacitation, Volunteer/Sustainable travel, Emergency relief
Guatemala (Guatemala City)

Organizational contacts & locations

Rodolfo Hernandez Cabrera
President and Pastor
(+502) 5460-7380
Tatiana Elisa Hernandez Carías
Silvia Tatiana Carías Sanchez
Secretary and Doctor
(+502) 5897-2804
30 calle 7-25 zona 3, 
Guatemala City, 

Mission, vision & values


Our Mission is to show God's love and learn together with those most in need.


Our Vision is to be a church that seeks, receives and accepts mainly people in a street situation or at risk of living on the street in order to learn, show and share the gospel.

We value love, solidarity, support, understanding, respect, and faith.

Products, services, and programs

  1. Street visits
  2. Visits to prisons
  3. Help with studies
  4. Medical visits to the streets
  5. Volunteer training
  6. Meetings to learn the word of God
  7. Teaching the Bible to Children
  8. Rental assistance
  9. Legal accompaniments
  10. Dignified burial of people living on the streets
  11. Hospital visits
  12. Food donations and support

Our programs include:

  • Sigo Vivo Kids
  • Jesus in the streets
  • Helping others
  • "The gospel with an empty belly doesn't taste the same"
  • Leadership and volunteering
  • One more year of study
  • Sunday meeting
  • Doctor in the streets
  • Covid-19 emergency

Organizational detail

Number of employees: 
Private donations, Fundraising
Primary issue(s) / need(s) addressed

We are focused on young people with addictions who live on the streets, children at risk of the street and people who have stopped living on the streets, people who lived on the street and are now in jail. We focus on this population after the visit of young people who lived on the streets who came to our church and our reality.

Impact, adaptations & objectives

Impact to date

We have impacted people by recognizing their worth and identity in God. An average of 200 people are in total in the different programs.

Impact measuring

We measure our impact through changes in the lifestyle of the people we work with.

Organizational adaptations: 
Size and/or structure, key offers, Location, Target population, Target problem, Funding model, How you collaborate or work with others
Organizational adaptation details


We started working in a place with 4 walls and now we are literally on the street and different places.

Target population

At first we focused only on young people on the street and then we opened up to sub-groups within them, homosexuals, young people in prisons, migrants, gang members, people who steal, children, families, etc.

Short term objectives


Growth in spiritual and personal area.


Doing the best we can even in the midst of COVID-19.


Meaningful relationships with those we work with.

Long term objectives

Quality and Impact

Have more individual approach with people.