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The idea of creating ONGVoluntariado arose from our own experiences as volunteers. More than 6 years ago, two colleagues started collaborations as international partners in different projects in countries in Central America, Africa, and India. We want to provide information, security and trust to international volunteers, as well as continuous follow-ups throughout the volunteering process.

Girls, Boys, Disabled
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Organizational contacts & locations

Mario Cuenca Poza
(+34) 695 686-817

Mission, vision & values


To provide people that care about solidarity the opportunity to live a different life that will enrich them on a personal level, and facilitate opportunities to have cultural experiences and to be able to collaborate in environments that do not have resources, and that require volunteerism in order to grow. 


Our vision is to raise awareness of the realites of people who are living in other countries and to contribute to the sustainability of the different collaborative local projects. To enable of our participants to achieve social awareness, in order for them to obtain a real social transformation in an environment of cooperation.

We value social commitment, solidarity, Quality relationships, exchange, humility, reciprocity, and cooperation.

Products, services, and programs


We inform people who are interested in volunteering about the type of help they can provide, initiate activities and development in countries most in need.


We offer various International Volunteer Programs: including a Socio-Sanitary, an Environmental, and an Educational program.

Organizational detail

Number of employees: 
Public grants
Primary issue(s) / need(s) addressed

To promote the development of solidarity initiatives through the implementation of International Volunteer Programs and fundraising and allocate them to groups most in need. We focus on education, health and environmental projects.

Impact, adaptations & objectives

Impact to date

Several advances and progress have been made since the beginning of our activity. In summary, we have been able to help by improving the infrastructures of local collaborating projects, contribution of material, fundraising campaigns, direct and indirect aid from volunteers and international aid workers.
With respect to the people participating in our programs, there have already been more than 600 volunteers participating in the field.

Impact measuring

Based on the reports that local collaborator projects give us.

Organizational adaptations: 
Key offerings, How you collaborate or work with others
Short term objectives

Provide more volunteers and aid (material and financial) to local collaboration projects (NGOs, schools, orphanages, etc.) for their self-sustainability and development.

Long term objectives

To be able to offer basic help for projects in order for them to self-manage and self-produce resources for their self-sustainability. This help through volunteers, grants, donations etc.