Las Voces del Silencio (LAVOSI)

Non profit organization
(+502) 4598-6417

LAVOSI is a non-profit organization providing education to deaf Guatemalan children. In 2021 the school implemented a virtual modality to continue working with their students.

Girls, Boys, Indigenous peoples, Disabled, Youth
Education, Inclusion/Special needs
Sacatepéquez (Jocotenango)

Organizational contacts & locations

Álvaro de León
Administrative Director
(+502) 4548-7043
Álvaro de León Jr
(+502) 4598-6417
Maria Ordóñez
(+502) 5089-8742
Calle Real Residencial El Pedregal # 3

Mission, vision & values


To improve the lives of Deaf children in Guatemala by providing high quality comprehensive education in order to make them active members to their communities and their country.


A fair Guatemala, where people are neighbors to each other, sharing the essence of the practice of values, promoting equal opportunities for work for all on equal terms without discrimination of concepts that separates us, where every student can breathe peace and the desire to contribute to the communities of our beloved country.

We value dignity, inclusion, social development, and access to academic learning.

Products, services, and programs


LAVOSI student’s sell art works and bakery goods.

We also have a small school cafeteria from which we provide healthy food for students to buy.

These projects help students to learn about entrepreneurship and business.


LAVOSI provides the service of high quality comprehensive education and an inclusive full accessible school environment with specialized staff dedicated to deaf students.


LAVOSI offers educative programs for deaf students grades K-6.

We have also offered programs in: bakery, metal work, art, cooking and other skills that we hope to restart after the COVID pandemic.

We have a club for our students and deaf people of the community where they can connect.

Organizational detail

Number of employees: 
Private donations
Primary issue(s) / need(s) addressed

We are focused on special education aimed at educating people with hearing disabilities.

Impact, adaptations & objectives

Impact to date

The impact has been great in the community of people with hearing disabilities. We have been very successful because the people we have served to date have had an autonomous development and are capable of carrying out productive activities in the community where they live.

Impact measuring

We have measured the impact from a qualitative point of view and we consider it excellent given that the deaf community in Guatemala has received very little attention from government authorities, although there are international plans, agreements, treaties. The National Commission for Disability exists to attend to these matters, especially with deaf people. But in reality it is not given the attention that people with hearing disabilities deserve; therefore we are measuring the impact of the attention we have provided to the deaf community of the department of Sacatepéquez and departments that request our services.

Organizational adaptations: 
Location, Financing model
Organizational adaptation details


We changed location when our association was created, we were in the head of the department of Sacatepéquez, that is, the old Guatemala, but due to the high rent we moved to the municipality of Jocotenango there we have changed headquarters twice and now we are in a Headquarters located in the same municipality.

Financing model

In terms of financing until 2017 we had financing from volunteers and collaborators but due to our own decisions they suspended said financing. Now we only have voluntary donations from parents.

Short term objectives


The growth of our institution is marked by the existence of people with hearing disabilities in the first age of development, that is, children in pre-primary and primary education.


Regarding quality, we will make the curricular adjustments corresponding to each grade and at each level, taking into account the experiences that the educational process leaves us during the year. With the curricular adjustments made, we will be able to improve and specialize our delivery of work, this is to master Sign Language, use all the audiovisual means available so that the education of deaf people is concrete since they learn by seeing or with the sense of sight.


Improve our teaching work so that our students leave with a better preparation, both academically and in values, abilities and skills.

Long term objectives


Within five years we hope to: a) Consolidate the existence of the educational center Las Voces del Silencio. b) Increase enrollment enrollment. c) Implement support programs for students who have graduated from the school deaf club.


a) Support the teaching staff in their academic development. b) Enable in-service training programs for staff who will work at the school. c) Make alliances with social service institutions so that they can provide help to graduate students who need to professionalize in a specific job, for example in Guatemala with Intecap.


As a result of what has been said in the quality aspect, when the impact has been implemented, the impact will be great because parents are interested in their children not having only a primary education study if they do not want a higher education level so that their children can make self-sufficient and productive beings in the community where they live.