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As a biblical Dutch foundation, Woord en Daad, together with local partners and actors from relevant sectors, connects people worldwide. In this way we want to take responsibility for shaping a dignified existence for the rich and poor and we create hope and opportunities to transcend poverty. Together with our loyal supporters and experienced partners, we have been working on sustainable change for 47 years. 

Women, Men, Girls, Boys, Youth
Education, Youth, Technical vocations, Development/Community infrastructure, Leadership/Capacitation, Government (Local or international)
Guatemala, Quetzaltenango

Organizational contacts & locations

Sander Verduijn
Strategic Regional Advisor

Mission, vision & values


In a broken world, marked by poverty and injustice, Woord en Daad strives for visible signs of God's coming Kingdom. The biblical perspective on justice and mercy drives us to contribute to sustainable change of people here and there on a daily basis.


As a biblical organization, we connect people worldwide, together with local partners and actors from relevant sectors. In this way we shape a dignified existence for the poor and rich and we create hope and opportunities to overcome poverty.

We value co-responsibility, co-creation, co-suffering, stewardship, and mutual dependence.

Products, services, and programs


We offer a Handbook for Teacher Growth (Professional Development).


We provide support for educational programs.


We have several programs, including:

  • Teacher growth
  • Agricultural development
  • Policy influencing
  • Awareness
  • Sustainable water
  • Education
  • Emergency aid and resilience
  • Work and training

Organizational detail

Number of employees: 
Private donations, Corporate donations, Fundraising
Primary issue(s) / need(s) addressed

Work and Training, Emergency Aid, Education, Sustainable Water, and Agricultural Development. Our current focus in Guatemala is education, based on the data in regards to educational outcome, investment and quality standards.

Impact, adaptations & objectives

Impact to date

During the year 2021 30,000 teachers in the public sector will receive professional development through our Teacher Growth Program.

Impact measuring

We measure out impact through focus groups, surveys, and our school improvement certification program.

Organizational adaptations: 
Target population, Way in which you collaborate or work with others
Organizational adaptation details

Target population

Originally the program targeted Christian schools. The opportunity presented to work with the government in the public sector which is the sector in most need.

Way in which you collaborate or work with others

As the program has developed, different organizations and people have joined the project.

Short term objectives


Jump start accountability through teacher growth program with 30,000 teachers in public sector.


As teachers grow students will also improve.


Increase the quality education in public schools in Guatemala and Quetzaltenango.

Long term objectives


Teachers continue the 4 year growth program, and acquire government permission to implement program nation wide.


Education quality improves through multiple levels of assessment.


Schools will engage in continual improvement.