We are a professional consultant service with a holistic approach to human beings.

Women, Men, Indigenous peoples, Elderly
Education, Children at risk, Family, Health, Energy, Entrepreneurship/Business, Leadership/Capacitation

Organizational contacts & locations

Saúl Esteban Alvarez Paniagua
(+502) 5595-8841
Diego Aramís López Avadillo
(+502) 5630-7112

Mission, vision & values


We are dedicated to guiding people, groups and institutions, in the discovery of their potential, creating a culture of personal and professional development.


We are positioned as a leading business in consultation that promotes the development of human talent through the promotion of mental health.

We value service vocation, empathy, warmth with quality, dignity, empowerment, and innovation.

Products, services, and programs


We offer training and development, psycho-educated workshops , consultation in human rights, recruitment and staff selection, psychological attention and evaluation services. 


Jump: Our Coaching program focuses on the participants acquiring abilities that allow them to face personal and professional challenges that occur at the end of the training stage. The game of life begins, both personal and professional, and it is necessary that the youth take the leap with sufficient knowledge of themselves and with a defined life project based on their passion.

Entrepreneurship: To develop and strengthen abilities to be able to create projects with purpose, oriented to provide solutions to actual needs.

Sherpa Boot Camp Teams of High Performance: Throughout our experience advising working groups we have had the opportunity to observe the processes that are generated within the organizations, in order to articulate the work in teams and reach collective objectives. Without doubt, not all of the teams reach high levels of performance and not all leaders have the knowledge or the ability that is required to train or manage. This is why we have developed a model to create teams of the highest performance called “Everest”, based on the most important law of this mountain, “as the challenge increases, the need for teamwork increases”. The Everest model is designed to bring a group of people to the peak of human potential, working in four levels to achieve the summit experience like a team.