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The center of our work is in the improvement of educational institutions. With our #UirtusprogramEAN, we analyzed different points that make up a high-level education. We accredit schools that pass Uirtus program EAN.

Women, Men, Girls, Boys, Indigenous peoples, Disabled, Youth
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Mission, vision & values


EAN's mission is simple: improve the quality of education. We assist educational institutions, parents, and students so that together we can reach our full potential.


To inspire and project a vision where education is the tool for a better future.

We value improved education, both intellectual and emotional, ensuring the protection of children and youth, integrity and constant personal, social and institutional improvement.

Products, services, and programs


We have the #UirtusprogramEAN, we analyzed different points that make up a high-level education. We accredit schools that pass our Uirtus program EAN.


The Uirtus program EAN is a 2 to 4 months program.

Organizational detail

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Primary issue(s) / need(s) addressed

The improvement of educational institutions, and improve the quality of education. When I was in school, I was discriminated against for being a person of color and it was not until later in life that I realized that this had a negative impact in my mental health. It was very unfortunate that the teachers who did this were never called out or supervised. I investigated more on the topic and found out it is actually quite common and in other cases much more severe, recently in the news a lot of people have came out and spoken out about being sexually harassed in their schools here in Guatemala and around the world.

This is a very serious issue and with Education Assessment Network we hope to change systems, hold schools accountable and reach our highest potential.

Impact, adaptations & objectives

Impact to date

We are still in the process of building relationships with private schools and getting them to sign up to our program. Also, we have been applying for grants to continue with operations.

Impact measuring

Currently impact is being measured by how many organizations and schools we are able to get in touch with. We aim to send 50 emails and make 50 calls per week, interview 1 to 2 individuals and have as many interviews as possible with directors and CEOs of school associations to tell them about the program.

The second stage will be how many schools and students, teachers and the community that is impacted once they pass through our program. We hope to conduct the program and accreditation to 30 to 100 schools during 2021 regardless of whether classes are online or not.

Organizational adaptations: 
Key offerings, Location, Way in which you collaborate or work with others
Organizational adaptation details

Key offerings

Our current program, the Uirtus program EAN has 7 pillars, which are the foundation for what we feel makes a high-level education. They are curriculum, leadership and administration, security, mental and physical health, globalization, response towards Covid 19, and further guidance. However, the pillars are flexible depending on the educational institution.


We have also decided that the program will be done remotely, which means that evidence that leads to the accreditation can be sent online, such as videos, links, and zoom meetings.

Short term objectives

In the next 12 months:


We aim to have accredited 30 to 100 schools.


We aim to have the program be more specialized, with more expects joining in to input their expertise, such as psychologist, security experts, and more.


We hope that the people, teacher and parents but most importantly the students are positively affected by this growth.

Long term objectives


We aim to have accredited 100 plus schools, also in other countries as well.


We aim to have the program become reputable, cost effective, and well accepted.


We hope to use the profits to do more social impactful programs, always with the aim of improving the quality of education.