Colectiva Feminista Artesanas Antigua Guatemala

Unregistered community group
(+502) 4288-0560

The Colectiva Feminista Artesanas Antigua Guatemala aims to raise awareness about violence against women and girls by offering workshops and talks. They also provide accompaniment and safe spaces for women and girls, free from violence.

Women, Girls, Boys, Indigenous peoples
Education, Children at risk, Human Rights, Justice, Health, Leadership/Capacitation
Sacatepéquez (Antigua)

Organizational contacts & locations

Alejandra Hernández
(+502) 4288-0560
Claudia Amarilis Valle
(+502) 4484-4619

Mission, vision & values


Our mission is to legally and psychologically accompany women in situations of violence that are alone, as well as implement workshops for empowering women and girls and provide a safe and loving space for women who have nowhere to go after making a report of violence against a relative.


We are feminist and human rights activists, we act from our spaces to raise awareness about violence against women and girls. We offer workshops and talks so that women and girls can have safe spaces free of violence.

We value justice, empathy, respect, solidarity, tolerance, love, trust, and security..

Products, services, and programs


We provide accompaniment of women who have experienced or are experiencing some type of violence, usually sexual, legal and emotional violence. We focus on supporting:

  1. Complaint process before the corresponding prosecutor.
  2. Therapeutic accompaniment, groups of healing circles from energy medicine, feminist training groups
  3. Activism in the streets to make violence visible.

Our Super Powerful Girls Program is a program aimed at girls in public schools that focuses on empowering them, workshops are conducted to learn about their bodies, sexual violence, bullying, leadership and self-defense.

Organizational detail

Number of employees: 
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Primary issue(s) / need(s) addressed

One of the reasons why we organized as a collective was to denounce the anomalies in the justice system, the shortcomings, slowness, anomaly in the investigations, many women do not show confidence in the justice system, which we see as a deficiency on the part of the corresponding instances, our work consists of explaining and accompanying the process so that women do not give up. We consider it important that the search for justice not only focus on finding a sentence, in addition to this it is also necessary to heal the violence that is left on the body and the marks on the emotions of women. We take to the streets to report violence, which is a necessity since we must remove violence from the private sphere.

Impact, adaptations & objectives

Impact to date

The impact has been to ensure that Sacatepéquez benefits from the existence of a prosecutor specializing in crimes against women, within the MP. We have reached agreements with counterpart educational centres that open spaces to dialogue about violence and the great damage to society. We are a group that contributes significantly in the context of human rights in the community of Sacatepéquez.

But the main impact: women who have come out of the circles of violence who are now in processes of growth, training, healing.

Regarding how many people we have reached: We consider that people are not statistics, and that the processes must be measured beyond the mass impact, since knowing the political and social context of Guatemala, from the consciousness the measure of people who participate it is low. 

Impact measuring

We have a database that confirms our experience in each case, action, accompaniment through written and photographic systematization, the impact is also measured based on the lives of women who have been able to empower themselves again from their territory of their body.

Organizational adaptations: 
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Organizational adaptation details

We work from social aspects. Guatemala is a country with many problems and changes, and challenges every day, which means taking these challenges into account and adapting to them. Therefore we have seen ourselves in our social responsibility need to adapt and rethink the tools, instruments, to the real needs of the target groups, rather than meeting other agendas.

Short term objectives


Get more feminist women to join as observers and attorneys to accompany the processes in court.


That each woman who receives our support can receive sponsorship that allows her to continue with her process of reporting and healing.


That more women can get out of the circles of violence, but that when they leave they find support and encouragement. 

Long term objectives

At this time we want to focus on our short-term objectives.