Asociación Guatemalteca para el Síndrome de Down

Registered association
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We work to develop social awareness and promote the school, work and social inclusion of boys, girls, adolescents and the elderly with Down Syndrome. Giving them tools that will help them integrate into Guatemalan society; achieving in the long term greater social independence.

Education, Family, Inclusion/Special needs, Sports
Guatemala, Quetzaltenango

Organizational contacts & locations

Irene Salazar
Alfredo Salazar
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Irene de Monzón
10 calle 11-13, 
Zone 3
Nueva montserrat

Mission, vision & values


Through individual and group guidance, the necessary knowledge will be provided to parents so that they can provide comprehensive development to their children. In addition, inform about the different diseases that are related to Down Syndrome to be referred to specialist doctors, laboratories and health entities associated with the AGSD and to have early stimulation services, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational and occupational workshops available. ICT training in Early Intervention Centers and CECAP's Occupational Training Centers.


To be an institution dedicated to providing early stimulation, education and training services to boys, girls, adolescents and the elderly with Down Syndrome, with the aim of providing them with tools that will help improve their quality of life.

We value social awareness, access to education and inclusion

Products, services, and programs


Happy Coffee is a high quality national coffee elaboration project worked by our young students, who grind and pack the product which we promote in our institution.


We offer training to parents with people diagnosed with disabilities.

  • Early stimulation program: 0 - 4 years
  • Classroom 2: 5 - 8 years
  • Classroom 3: 8 - 12 years
  • Classroom 4 (youth): 13 - 47 years old (Medium development)
  • Classroom 5 (youth): 13 - 25 ahead (High development)

Organizational detail

Number of employees: 
Private donations, Sale of products and/or services, Fundraising
Primary issue(s) / need(s) addressed

In October 2003 Manuel Alfredo Salazar Vásquez was born, son of Alfredo and Irene Salazar, eight months later in June 2004 he was diagnosed with Down syndrome. This led them to realize how little support and knowledge there was in Guatemala for this syndrome, so they started with Down Guatemala and thus be able to reach all those families with people with Down syndrome and support them.

Impact, adaptations & objectives

Impact to date

So far the impact has been very good because we have adapted to the current situation of the country, managing to support more than 125 families from different departments, not limiting ourselves to Down Syndrome but also starting to attend to other diagnoses such as ASD, Asperger and others.

Impact measuring

We started with a population of 50 students at the end of 2015, for this year we already have 135 families cared for in different parts of the country.

Organizational adaptations: 
Size and/or structure, Location, Target population
Organizational adaptation details

Due to the growth that we have had during the last 10 years, we found ourselves in the need to expand our facilities and open another headquarters in Quetzaltenango to be able to take our services to all those children with Down Syndrome, which led us to realize that also there was a need for some other diagnoses that we could also attend to, so we opened our doors to different diagnoses apart from Down Syndrome.

Short term objectives


Our goal is to open a third store.


Bringing families timely attention and knowledge of the situation of their children.


We want to impact the areas with fewer opportunities of access to education for people with different capacities.

Long term objectives


Increase It reaches the most needy areas of Guatemala.


May the knowledge and growth of our students be better and better.


That we can see the population with different capacities increasingly included and independent in our society.