Asociación Siervos de Dios Moisés Lira Serafín

Nonprofit organization
(+502) 7791-9554

We are a non-profit organization, we provide care to children, youth and seniors, assisting them with health, nutrition and education programs.


Women, Girls, Boys, Elderly, Entrepreneurs, Youth
Education, Children at risk, Technical vocations, Health, Entrepreneurship/Business
El Progreso (Aldea Santa Gertrudis)

Organizational contacts & locations

Alvaro Aguilar
(+502) 5709-5639
Aldea Santa Gertrudis, 
San Agustín Ac.
El Rancho, 
El Progreso, 

Mission, vision & values


Our mission is to fully serve families living in poverty through solidarity.


Our vision is to create spaces for integral development in the community.

We value integral development, solidarity, and integrity.

Products, services, and programs


We provide support with bags of food and other supplies necessary for the family's needs.


We provide health and nutrition support to children and the elderly.


We offer an Education program.

Organizational detail

Number of employees: 
Private donations, Private Scholarships, Sale of products and/or services, Fundraising, Rates and fees of participants
Primary issue(s) / need(s) addressed

We focus on three axes: Education, Nutrition and Health for boys, girls, youth and older adults and the evidence has been taken when looking at the existing needs in our environment.

Impact, adaptations & objectives

Impact to date

The most significant impact has been: access to health, education and nutrition for the participating families; improvement in access and attendance to school, lowering the dropout rates and school repetition of the participants; assistance to the elderly by providing them with food and medicines that improve their quality of life.

Impact measuring

For our education impact, documents are compiled with the grades of each student where the entire process is verified. In health we measure impact with periodic controls in scheduled medical days when there are volunteers. In nutrition, monitoring is carried out through weight, height and medical monitoring.

Organizational adaptations: 
Size and/or structure, key offers, Location, Financing model
Organizational adaptation details

Size and/or structure, Key offers, Location, Financing model

In a changing world, we are always in the availability of constant change that leads us to achieve the objectives set to change the reality of families. The changes have been made to seek alternatives, especially in financing the programs and services we provide, which has been very positive in our environment.

Short term objectives


Seek financing to reach more families living in poverty.


Continue providing quality services to participating families.


Reach an impact on families and the community to change the reality that is lived, especially in the most vulnerable groups.

Long term objectives

Growth / Quality / Impact

In all three areas, what we want to achieve is self-financing of the services and programs that we are providing to the families of the community.