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We invite you to join this growing community of local and international organizations that are ready to start working better together for Guatemalan communities! To become a member and create your own organization profile, the first step is to fill in this form. We will then contact you to further discuss your work, answers any questions you might have about the project, and work together to complete your organizational profile! As a member of El Directorio Guatemala network you'll have access to our webinars, networking events, professional opportunities and more!

What is El Directorio Guatemala?

El Directorio Guatemala (The Guatemala Directory) is project aimed at facilitating and promoting greater connections, collaborations and professional development within the community development and social justice sector in Guatemala. The project consists of an online directory of organizational profiles containing information about organizations that focus on community development and social justice in Guatemala, as well as the creation of spaces such as webinars, in person events and professional development opportunities wherein member organizations can connect, learn, share and collaborate.


El Directorio Guatemala grew out of a recognition that there are countless organizations - NGOs, social enterprises, non profit, community groups, government funded and more - both inside and outside of Guatemala working towards shared community development and social justice goals. However, most are working in relative silos, unaware of each other's work and the many opportunities that exist to work together better. In 2019 we undertook a research project on the topic of inter-organizational collaboration in Guatemala and Ecuador, including interviews that found that that most organizations in this space do want to inform themselves about the work of others in the sector and find ways to collaborate more, but lack the time and/or resources to pursue this. You can access the Research Report here.


The vision of el Directorio Guatemala is that organizations in the community development and social justice sector in Guatemala will have a greater awareness and understanding of each other's work and practices. By becoming better informed about relevant projects and initiatives in the sector, and by having easy access to spaces for greater inter-organizational connections and professional development, organizations will be able to more easily develop impactful collaborations that will enhance their own work, and thus our collective ability to serve Guatemalan communities.

Our Team

Katie Brickwood (Project Manager) co-founded El Directorio Guatemala project in 2020 after her involvement in a 2019 research report into inter-organizational collaboration. Originally from Australia, Katie has worked in community consulting and social innovation in Guatemala since 2018 and has extensive experience working with communities and in government and non-government organizations for over 10 years in an international context. Katie lives in Antigua.

Deborah De La Cruz (Project Officer) joined the project in March 2021 and provides crucial support with organizational outreach, social media, research and report writing. Debbie completed her studies in Fundraising in Spain and has 5 years experience working with Foundations and NGOs in Guatemala. Debbie lives just outside of Guatemala City and has a deep local knowledge and understanding of the NGO sector in Guatemala. 

If you have any further questions, please contact us!